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New Library for Controlling Multiple OLED Displays!

New Library for Controlling Multiple OLED Displays!

Recently we seem to be having a running theme for wanting to drive multiple displays from a single Arduino, and our latest library is no exception. To coincide with the release of a larger 1.3” version of our ever popular uOLED displays we have also decided to release a new Arduino library to make it easy to control them. Not only does this library provide loads of features such as displaying text, various fonts, graphic commands, and bitmaps, but it also has the ability to control multiple uOLED displays from one Arduino. The only real limit is how many digital pins your Arduino has to spare.

ARDUINO: Control a DC or Stepper Motor from a Potentiometer

ARDUINO: Control a DC or Stepper Motor from a Potentiometer

One of the questions we commonly get asked is how to go about using an Arduino to
control a motor from a potentiometer. Lots of people out there would like to do
this but just don’t quite have enough programming knowledge to get an Arduino to
do this.

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  • £ 3.99
    £ 3.99

    This 45mm module contains a strip of 16 individually controllable RGB LEDs arranged in a circular serial (daisy-chain) configuration. Each LEDs red, green, and blue, elements can be individually set to one of 256 intensity settings allowing a over 16 million colour...

  • £ 7.99
    £ 7.99

    A 4 channel relay shield (HCARDU0102) which conveniently and safely allows an Arduino to interface to the outside world via a set of relays. The shield will plug into an Arduino with standard headers and screw terminals for the relay contact means that no soldering is required. The relays can be individually controlled via 4 digital pins on your Arduino....

  • £ 37.99
    £ 37.99

    The Hobby Components Master Starter Kit is an ideal gift for anybody who wishes to get started in the world of Arduino microcontrollers and electronics. It contains a range of sensors and displays that allow you to experiment and develop software for typical Arduino based applications.

  • £ 12.99
    £ 12.99

    One of the most common uses for microcontrollers is for interfacing to various sensors to monitor the world around you. With an Arduino board you can read the value from a temperature sensor and output it to a computer in a matter of minutes. But what if your Arduino and sensor needs to be remotely located and it isn’t practical for it to be tethered to a...

  • £ 3.59
    £ 3.59

    Protect your Arduino Uno with this very low cost but stylish case. Made from clear perspex provides access to all the connectors on any Uno that conforms to the Arduino specification including our own version (HCARDU0090) and only adds a slight increase to the overall height.

  • £ 4.99
    £ 4.99

    13.56Mhz RFID module Kit with IC card and round key chain tag. SPI interface fo convenient interface to microcontrollers such as Arm/AVR/Pic/Arduino, etc.

  • £ 5.49
    £ 5.49

    This is our lower cost alternative to the standard R3 Uno, but in this case lower cost doesn't mean less features. In fact we have made several improvements to the standard R3 Uno, hence the 'plus'. By taking advantage of the latest USB components together with using surface mount technology for the main processor we have been able to significantly reduce...

  • £ 8.99
    £ 8.99

    The DS05-NFC high torque servo (HCROBO0050) is able to rotate continuously in full 360 rotations in both forward (clockwise) and reverse (anti-clockwise) directions. It will accept standard servo signals for its input meaning it can be driven from just one 5V digital pin of a microcontroller. A pulse-width of 1ms will turn the servo at full reverse speed...