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  • 433MHz Transmitter &...


    Low cost superheterodyne receiver and ASK transmitter. The transmitter consists of a single digital input pin that, when pulled high, will cause the transmitter to continuously transmit a signal at 433MHz. Conversely the receiver has a single digital output pin that is high when a signal is received. The simplicity of these modules makes them ideal for applications where low power and low data rate (4Kbps) applications are required. The modules operates on a single channel so multiple transmitters can transmit to a single receiver and vice versa.

  • Hobby Components Uno Plus


    This is our lower cost alternative to the standard R3 Uno, but in this case lower cost doesn't mean less features. In fact we have made several improvements to the standard R3 Uno, hence the 'plus'. By taking advantage of the latest USB components together with using surface mount technology for the main processor we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of this development board...

  • 2.4GHz 3dB SMA Antenna with...


    High quality adjustable angle antenna with integrated SMA connector. Designed for low power 2.4GHz transceivers such as 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and other 2.4GHz telemetry modules with suitable connector. Angle of antenna can be adjusted to a 90° right-angle.

  • 5x5 Mini breadboards in...


    These tiny breadboards are not only fun but also have a particle side for prototyping projects. Available in assorted colours an when used the a baseboard (also available via our website see item HCPROT0053 & HCPROT0054) they provide a solderless way of interfacing to small components whilst proving the flexibility to locate them in an idea position.

    Product available with different options
  • Breadboard base panel for...


    Prototyping base board for use together with mini breadboards (HCPROT0055 to HCPROT0061). This base board uses a peg and socket type system to secure one or more mini breadboards anywhere on the base without the used of adhesives or screws. 

  • PAM8610 10W Stereo Audio...


    The PAM8610/HCMODU0086 is a 10W (per channel) stereo Class-D audio amplifier Module which offers low THD+N (0.1%), low EMI, and good PSRR thus high-quality sound reproduction. Volume is set at maximum gain 32dB. The PAM8610 module runs off of a 7V to 15V (12V recommended). 0.1" pads on the module provides interface to power, stereo audio input, mute, and left and right speakers. 

  • MAX485 RS485 transceiver...


    This low power transceiver module is based on the Maxim MAX485 IC to allow serial communication over very long cable runs (up 4000 feet / 1200 meters). Serial data can be transmitted in both directions (half duplex) at a data rate up to 2.5Mbps. The modules operate from a standard 5V power...

  • TB387 20dBm High_Power...


    The TB387 high powered module (HCMODU0089) provides a means of transmitting serial data over much greater ranges than standard RF modules such as Bluetooth. Simply connect a TTL serial interface to a transmitter and receiver module and the modules will transparently transmit your data over a 2.4GHz signal at a range of up to 400 meters. In practice we have successfully transmitted single...

  • IRF520 MOSFET Driver Module


    This little module (HCMODU0083) is a breakout board for the IFR520 MOSFET transistor. The module is designed to switch heavy DC loads from a single digital pin of your microcontroller. Its main purpose is to provide a low cost way to drive a DC motor for robotics applications, but the module can be used to control most high current DC loads. Screw terminals are provided to interface to...

  • Linear sliding 10K...


    A linear sliding potentiometer module allowing for very smooth and precise control. The module provides two separate 10K wiper outputs taken out to standard 2.54mm header pins. 

  • 2x4 PCB Mounted Mini...


    A miniature breadboard in a 4 row of 2 configuration designed to be soldered to a PCB or prototype board. This allows you to build a prototyping solution directly into your own PCB. The breadboard can be soldered to your PCB via 4 pins on the underside. These provide connection to each 2 hole pair.

  • Hobby Components USB 8CH...


    Our hugely popular low cost 8 channel analyser (HCTEST0006) is designed to work with he sigrok open-source signal analysis software suite giving this analyser a feature list normally found on analysers costing significantly more....