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  • Needle File Set (6 Pieces)


    6 needle files with a variety of profiles in a handy, hanging storage case. Fitted with cushion-grip handles for precise control and long-lasting comfort.

    Included in the set:

    Flat parallel file

    Round File

    Square File

    Flat Taper File

    Half Round File

    Three Square File

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  • Splitter Lead 2.1mm DC...


    This splitter lead allows you to connect a 2.1mm DC power socket to 4 x 2.1mm DC plugs. This is ideal for low voltage power dstribution, such as LED tapes, CCTV and more.

    Current (max): 3amp

    Weight: 35g

    Dimensions: 400 x 20 x 10mm (40x20x1cm)

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  • Self Amalgamating Tape...


    Approved (BT spec. M128) with strong elastic qualities, this is suitable for insulation, termination, sealing, splicing, cable repair etc.

    Colour: Black

    Length: 10m

    Width: 19mm (1.9cm)

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  • Lead-free Solder (50g)


    High quality lead-free solder that creates a conductible, virtually permanent joint. Ideal for maintenance and repairs to connectors, restoring free electrical flow.

    Metal Content: 99.3% Sn (Tin) and 0.7% Cu (Copper)

    Melting Point: 227 degrees Centigrade

    Flux: 2.2%

    Diameter: 1.0mm

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  • USB Type C to USB Type A...


    Sync and charge USB type C compatible devices using this 1.5m USB type A lead. The new user-friendly USB type C is a reversible connector that helps you to insert the connector the right way, every time!

    Data Transfer Speed: 480Mbps

    Power Output: 5V DC

    USB Version: 2.0

    Input Voltage: 5V DC

    Output Voltage: 5V DC

    Cable Length: 1.5m

    Hard wearing

    Flexible Cable

    Low Profile Connectors

    NOTE: Not compatible with Apple iPhone or iPad (apart from iPad Pro)

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  • Electronic and Soldering...


    A great 12 piece electronics tool set constituting a suite of durable accessories, including a 30W soldering iron and digital multimeter. This is ideal for hobbyists, DIYers and workshops.

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  • Professional Digital...


    This professional multi-tester offers 32 testing ranges and 8 functions. It is supplied with shrouded test leads, shockproof rubber holster and 9V PP3 battery.

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  • Torx Screwdriver Set (7 Piece)


    This set consists of 7 screwdrivers with erganomically designed to transfer maximum power to the screws.

    Each set has the following:








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  • Soldering Flux (30g)


    Each tin contains 30g of solder flux, which is used to prevent dry joints and oxidation in the soldering process.

  • Helping Hands with...


    A convenient and useful tool for giving extra support whilst performing precision soldering obs and many other applications. Robust metal stand and attachments.

    Solid Metal Construction

    60mm Glass Lens

    3x Magnification

    2 Adjustable Crocodile Clips

    Dimensions: 260 x 65 x 180mm

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  • Wireless Remote Control...


    Leaving an appliance in standby can still consume up to 70% of full power and can shorten the life of the appliance by 15%. These adaptors can be controlled individually by the remote supplied. Ideal for a wide variety of electrical appliances and a great solution for controlling appliances in inaccessible places, or for people with limited mobility.

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  • PLA Filament for 3D...


    PLA, Poly Lactic Acid is probably the best choice when you first start 3D printing. It is refined from corn and grain, and as a biodegradable material, it can be degraded which means it's 100% environmentally friendly. This hard material has excellent strength and stiffness.

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