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  • 42 Stepper Motor Bracket


    42 Stepper Motor Bracket to house the extruder motor for 3D printers. The “L” shaped bracket measures approximately 50mm x 50mm x 5mm. The diameter of the inner hole (for the motor shaft) measures approximately 22mm.

    Product Code: HC3DPR0029

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  • 40mm x 40mm Brushless DC Fan


    This 40mm x 40mm fan has a height of 10mm. The rated voltage is 5V with a startup of 2.8V. Full dimensions can be seen below.

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  • High quality 12V / 40W...


    A 40W heater cartridge suitable for 3D printers (e.g. Reprap Mendel Prusa) with a 12V supply. Heater cartridge is made from stainless steel and has 1M length of silicone insulated cable.

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  • Dual Delrin V wheel


    High tolerance dual V wheels great for use with V wheel linear guide systems. Its double V shape design makes it compatible with V-Slot™ linear rail and OpenRail™ systems. 

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  • 16mm Ball bearing 625 2RS


    General purpose chromed steel 16mm ball bearing.


    Product code: HCHAWA0051
    RPM rating: 5000 - 6000 
    Dynamic load rating Cr: 670N
    Outer diameter: 16mm
    Bore: 5mm

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  • Smooth idler pulley kit


    This kit contains all the parts necessary to construct a single idler free wheel pulley which can be used with belts up to 9mm wide.

    Included in kit:

    1x smooth idler pulley (Derin)
    2x 625 2RS ball bearings (5mm bore)
    1x 5mm shim
    1x 1/8" nylon spacer
    1x 25mm M5 low profile screw
    1x M5 nylon lock nut

  • Ntc Thermistor Glass...


    100K MF58 series in the form of axial glass encapsulated.

    Product code: HCTHER0008
    Resistance (25oC): 10K
    Thermistor type: NTC
    B value:
    Thermistor diameter: 2mm
    Thermistor length: 4mm
    Leg diameter: 0.9mm

  • 5mm to 12mm aluminum coupler


    A 5mm to 12mm machined solid aluminum couple. Suitable for connecting Nema 17 stepper motors with 5mm shaft to a 12mm lead screw using supplied M4 grub screws.


    Product code: HCHAWA0053
    Length: 30mm
    Outer diameter: 20mm

  • 1 12T 14mm/0.55 inch Pinion


    Hard steel Mod 1 12T pinion suitable for motors with 5mm shaft. Secured in place with M4 screw (supplied)


    Product code: HCMOTO0001
    Modulus: 1
    Outer diameter: 0.55"
    Shaft diameter: 5mm
    Length 24.9mm

  • M6 Heat Break Hotend Throat...


    High temperature stainless steel 3D printer heat break suitable for 1.75mm fulfillment. This heat break does not require Teflon/PTFE tubing insert which allows it to run at hotter temperatures.

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  • V5 MK7 / MK8 Compatible 3D...


    Designed for many common types of 3D printers such as Makerbot MK7/MK8, Prusa i3 etc. Solid aluminium construction with aperture for heat cartridge, heat break, nozzle, and temperature sensor. Note that this version hole for temperature sensor runs through the entire length of the heat block making it suitable for both radial (HCTHER0003/HC3DPR0034) and axial type thermistors.

  • Brass 3D printer nozzle...


    Brass nozzle for common types of 3D printer a6 a8 MK8 Extruder Makerbot 3d etc. Accepts 1.75mm filament and has an extrusion aperture of 0.4mm

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