There are a few things to check when you encounter some form of error when placing an order. Please have a read of the following and if you are still unable to get your order through, feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to help.

I placed an order but my payment isn’t being accepted

There are a few reasons this could happen. The first, which is the issue we most often see, is that you’re entering the wrong address at the payment screen. The address at this point must match the details your bank holds for you, your BILLING address. These must match exactly, else your bank will decline the payment. Check the details are entered exactly as held by the bank.

I placed an order but I’m getting a card decline CV2 error

The second most seen issue is due to card details being entered incorrectly. Specifically, the security code from the back of your card. Check the number is being entered correctly and if you still have problems, feel free to email us.

I placed an order but the screen went blank, so I clicked back on my browser and entered the details again but the order doesn’t show in my account

When you enter your payment details on any website and hit submit, you should never hit back on the browser, this goes for any website, not just ours. If you get a blank screen when you submit payment information, please email us at and we will check the payment came through correctly for you.

An Item I want has a greyed out Add to Cart Button

If an Add to Cart Button is greyed out or shows a circle with a line through it when you hover over it, the item is not currently in stock. We don’t offer pre-order services on our website, preferring to only list items we have available for immediate dispatch, but if you require an estimated in-stock date, please feel free to email us at