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  • DS3231 RTC module for...


    A very compact real time clock (RTC) module is based on the high accuracy DS3231 IC and includes a rechargeable batter backup. The (HCRASP0009) module also has a header with a pinout specifically designed so that it can be plugged directly into the IO header of your Raspberry Pi without any need for additional wires or soldering. The module makes use of the Raspberry Pi's I2C hardware interface.

  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Reference...


    An excellent little PCB that, when placed over the pins on a Raspberry Pi, will reference the pins for you, making it much easier to use the Pi's pins correctly.

    Product Code: HCRASP0002

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  • Raspberry Pi compatible...


    This GPIO adapter kit allows you to conveniently connect a Raspberry Pi GPIO header to a breadboard for prototyping your designs. The kit includes a 26 way IDC cable with connectors and a breadboard adaptor PCB. For a suitable breadb...

    Not compatible with other versions of Raspberry Pi - Will only fit Raspberry Pi 1. 

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  • TF/microSD card adapter for...


    This simple adaptor will convert your Raspberry Pi to accept a Transflash/microSD card. Its compact design means that it also has the advantage of having no large overhang unlike when using a standard SD card making your Pi more compact and less prone to accidental damage. It has high quality gold plated contacts and a secure clip for holding your microSD card in place...

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  • Micro USB 5V 2.5A Power...


    This Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply Unit is the recommended power supply unit (PSU) for Raspberry Pi by Raspberry Pi, and is an integrated cable and microUSB plug that supports all Pi models and the Compute Module.

  • Aluminium Heatsink Set


    This heatsink set offers excellent cooling for the Raspberry Pi SMCI USB/NIC controller chip. The set is comprised of two heatsinks, one copper cooling heatsink and an aluminium cooling heatsink.

    Product Code: HCRASP0023