After purchasing an item from Hobby Components we may ask for you to consider helping other customers by leaving a product review. Whilst we greatly appreciate your time and effort in reviewing an item please consider there is no obligation to leave a review and that if you do review the item it is purely to help other customers in deciding whether or not to purchase the item.

Why didn't you reply to a question in my review?

We ask customers to consider that we can neither edit or directly reply to reviews and therefore ask to not use the review system as a means of asking questions directed at Hobby Components. Additionally, we do not always monitor the review system and so reviews may be missed. If you need to contact us regarding an issue or question we recommend contacting us via the 'Contact Us' page on our website or posting a question on our support forum.

Why do most of your products seem to have four or five star reviews?

There to mainly two reasons for this:

Firstly, we evaluate every new product before making it available for purchase. If we find a product not to be fit for its advertised purpose then the product will not be put on sale.

Secondly, one of the last things we wish to do as a company is to sell a product that is not fit for purpose. If a product on sale subsequently receives a significant number of negative reviews (one and two stars) it is likely we will then remove it from sale.

Why did my product review get deleted?

Whilst we consider these reviews to be very important there may be, on very rare occasions, instances where we may have to make the decision to delete a review (both positive or negative). We do take the deleting of a review very seriously but there are certain circumstances where we consider this to be necessary. A review may be deleted for one of the reasons below:

1) Contains profanity or language likely to cause offence to other customers.

2) Is not a review of the item.

3) Contains external links that advertise products or services not sold by Hobby Components and/or is not relevant to the product being reviewed.

4) The contents of the review is considered to be spam.

5) Contains information that may mislead a customer about the products capabilities. E.g. contains statement about the products features or specifications that is incorrect.

6) Contains information that may cause damage to the item if used in this way. E.g. an incorrect pinout.

7) A complaint about not receiving the item and the review was left whilst still within the advertised shipping time.

8) A complaint about not receiving an item due to a reason beyond our control

9) The customer did not, or has not yet purchased the item from Hobby Components.

10) The review states that the item 'did not work' as advertised, and where after direct contact with the customer this statement was found to be incorrect with the customer subsequently satisfied with the actual item purchased.