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  • 220-240V 40W Adjustable...


    Standard 220-240V 40W soldering iron with adjustable thermostat and EU plug. Idea for electronics enthusiasts. We also stock an iron with UK Plug, see HCTOOL0009...

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  • Aluminium Desoldering...


    Used for removing excess solder and is ideal for all types of repair. Replaceable Telfon antistatic, aluminium body. Easy to use, simply depress the plunger.

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  • Anvil AV-A48W Adjustable...


    Low-cost soldering station, which is ideally suited to applications where durability, physical size and budget are the main concerns. The 48W soldering iron is ideal for both traditional and lead-free solder. The temperature is adjustable from 150 to 450 degrees. Included is a soldering iron, tip cleaning sponge and an integral soldering iron holder.

  • AV-C12 Soldering Iron Tip...

    Replacement soldering iron tips for the Anvil range of irons we sell. These tips are conical and the tip measures 0.5mm, making it perfect for intricate soldering projects.

    The replacement tips can be purchased here.
    The soldering iron can be purchased here.
    The soldering station can be purchased here.
  • Faithfull Tools Long Nose...


    The long jaws are serrated to maximise grip and are tapered to a fine end for accessing and the manoeuve of small objects in confined spaces.

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  • Large Handyman Diagonal...


    Diagonal cutting pliers ideal for cutting medium to medium hard wire close to the flat surface.The tapered head profile is ideal for accessing confined spaces.

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  • 15g jar of heatsink...


    Good thermal conductivity performance
    Joints the CPU and heat sink together better
    Reduces the gap between the heat sink and the CPU so that the CPU's heat can be passed to the heat sink faster
    Enhances the cooling effect of heat sink.

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  • Portable USB Powered 5V 8W...


    This USB powered soldering iron is compact and surprisingly capable! Despite its relatively low power it heats up and seconds and in our test it showed no trouble handling small to medium sized soldering jobs (we don't recommend using it for large soldering jobs). However its low power requirements gives it an incredibly useful feature in that it can be powered from a USB charger USB 3.0 port...

  • 6 in 1 Antistatic Tweezers Kit


    This kit contains a set of anti-static tweezers. Made from coated stainless steel with fine tips for handling tiny surface mount components. 


  • Anvil 130mm Adjustable Wire...


    High quality precision wire stripper for light duty work. This wire stripper has a adjustable gauge selector and spring loaded action.


    Adjustable gauge selector
    PVC soft grip handle
    Return spring
    Overall length 130mm

  • Long Nosed Pliers


    Rolson long nosed pliers are excellent for many projects.

  • A3 Size Self-Healing...


    These self healing cutting mats measure 45cm x 30cm (A3). Perfect for areas where you need to protect your surfaces from cuts and scrapes as you work and are ideally suited to a wide range of drafting and cutting applications.