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  • 40 Pin 2.54mm 20mm Long...


    An extended version of our standard 2.54mm / 0.1" pitch header pins (HCCNIC0018). Provided in 40 pin strips, these header pins can be snapped into smaller segments.

  • 16mm Potentiometer Cap...


    These potentiometer knobs (HCREVA0010-14) are very similar to ones found in many lab/test equipment and will help to give a professional control panel look to your project. They measure approximately 16mm diameter at their base. The shaft hole for the potentiometer is 6mm, making it perfect for our panel mountable potentiometer (HCREVA0007). The cap is designed...

  • 20mm Aluminium...


    This multi-turn 20mm potentiometer knob (HCREVA0015) is machined out of aluminium giving it a very solid and high quality feel. It measures 20mm in diameter and is 15.5mm high. The inner diameter (for the potentiometer shaft) measures approximately 6mm. An indented white arrow acts as a position marker. This item is suitable for...

  • 30mm Potentiometer Knob/Cap


    This large potentiometer knob (HCREVA0008) measures 30mm in diameter. Its large size makes it ideal as a volume control or for any application where precision control of a potentiometer is required. Made from pressed aluminium with a nalon inner section its black machined finish with exposed aluminium bezel gives it a very high quality look. Its height is...

  • 15mm Potentiometer Knob


    These low cost plastic control caps (HCREVA0009) are excellent for potentiometers with a shaft diameter of 6mm (0.6cm). Made from injection moulded plastic the caps are approximately 15mm diameter across the bottom and taper to 11mm at the top. They are 14.5mm high, and so make the standard shaft of a potentiometer easier to handle.

  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Bullet /...


    Pack of 10 pairs (male and female) 3.5mm gold plated bullet / banana connectors.


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  • Keyboard and Mouse Set


    This low cost USB keyboard and optical mouse combo features a full-size UK keyboard with separate numeric pad, all connected by a generous length USB cable.

    The supplied optical mouse is tastefully sculptured to help reduce wrist strain and is supplied with smooth, optical tracking combined with 3-button functionality and integral scroll-wheel. Again, a generous length USB cable is also supplied.

  • 40mm Aluminium Heatsink


    A 40mm x 40mm gernaral purpose aluminuium heatshink. This heatsink is idea for our 40mm peltier devices (HCTHER0001). For accessories please see our 40mm axil fan (HCTHER0002) and heatsink compound products.

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  • Aluminium Heatsink Set


    This heatsink set offers excellent cooling for the Raspberry Pi SMCI USB/NIC controller chip. The set is comprised of two heatsinks, one copper cooling heatsink and an aluminium cooling heatsink.

    Product Code: HCRASP0023

  • Pack of 20 Crocodile Leads...

    46cm long crocodile lead pack comes in a set of 20 leads. These clips are vinyl covered.

  • Pack of ten Crocodile Leads...

    46cm long crocodile lead pack comes in a set of 10 leads. These clips are vinyl covered.
  • 54mm Shrouded Crocodile...


    HCTEST0027 - Black 54mm crocodile clips with insulating PVC covers.
    HCTEST0028 - Red 54mm crocodile clips with insulating PVC covers.

    Please Note: Price is for one (1) - However, the more you buy, the lower the price becomes.

    Current rating; 15A
    Connector type: Crocodile clip
    Contact material: Steel
    Contact plating: Nickel
    Insulator material: PVC
    Length: 54mm
    Mounting type: Cable