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  • USB to RS232 TTL Serial...


    USB to RS232 TTL PL2303HX auto converter module adapter with a 5V output, which provides the most convenient way to connect your RS232 TTL devices to your computer via the USB port. The cable has a built-in TTL COM PC-PL2303HX Chip and uses a standard USB type A male and TTL 4 pin connector. The cable length is approximately 100cm in length.

  • CH340 USB to TTL Serial...


    The CH340 USB to serial adaptor (HCMODU0076) makes use of the CH340 USB to serial IC to provide a low cost alternative to our popular FTDI based module. Although much cheaper this module doesn't lack in features or usability.

  • MicroSD Card Adapter With...


    A microSD card reader and writer with included 3.3V regulator and level shifters making safe to interface with most 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers, including the Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega, Due, etc. The module uses an SPI interface for communication and is also compatible with the standard Arduino SD card library built into the Arduno IDE.

  • SD Card Module


    Allows reading and writing to an SD card from an arduino

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  • Silicon Labs CP2102 3.3V...


    A high performance USB to UART interface allowing you to communicate with serial devices such as microcontroller UART's using your PC. The module has a silicon labs CP2102 based device and a convenient pin header which includes a 5V and 3.3V supply. Tx and Rx data pins are at 3.3V TTL levels. Virtual COM port drivers are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems.

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  • TF/microSD card adapter for...


    This simple adaptor will convert your Raspberry Pi to accept a Transflash/microSD card. Its compact design means that it also has the advantage of having no large overhang unlike when using a standard SD card making your Pi more compact and less prone to accidental damage. It has high quality gold plated contacts and a secure clip for holding your microSD card in place...

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  • Wii Chuck Adapter



    The WiiChuck Adapter is a small PCB which is designed to be inserted into the connector of a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck to provide access to all four wires of the remote. The power, ground and...

  • microSD card reader module...


    A microSD card reader module with built in 3.3V level shifter which allows safe interfacing to any microSD cards that support an SPI interface. This module has primarily been designed to work with our RAMPS compatible 3D printer shield (See HC3DPR0002 in our shop). The module will directly interface with the AUX-3 connector on the RAMPS shield.

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  • 8 Channel Bi-directional...


    This module uses an array of transistors with pullup resistors to provide an 8 channel bi-directional voltage level conversion (level shifting) for digital logic signals. Intended mainly for the conversion of signals between 3.3V and 5V logic levels this module provides a way of safely interfacing a 5V microcontroller to a 3.3V device or conversely 3.3V microcontroller to a 5V device without...

  • FTDI USB Serial Port Adapter


    - FT232RL chip
    - Both 5V/3.3V supply outputs
    - Supports 300bps~3Mbps between each standard baud rate
    - Supports Windows 10/8/7/CE/Vista/XP/2000/98/MacOS X
    - Comes with connection cable (18.4cm length)

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