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  • Metal Detector Kit +...



    With this kit of parts (HCKITS0028) you can build your very own metal detector capable of detecting hidden metalobjects up to a maximum of 4cm away (depending on object). Using just through-hole components this is an excellent kit if you are not very experienced at soldering and are looking for a fun electronics project to practice with. The kit includes all the required compo...

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  • Student Electronics Kit


    This is an impressively low cost bundle of useful prototyping components. The pack consists of a range of discrete components, a breadboard and breadboard jumper cables. The bundle comes with a storage case making it great for students on the move or just as a useful collection of commonly used components. This kit includes the following items

  • DIY EDTracker Bundle


    We've partnered up with the fabulous guys over at EDTracker to bring to you the EDTracker bundle in it's entirety. We were previously selling bundles with a blank PCB, which you can still purchase; however, we're now in a position to sell you an entire kit, which includes the EDTracker PCB.

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  • Hobby Components Arduino...


    LED light cubes are a hugely popular and fun project. With this kit (HCKITS0050) you will have all the parts to build your very own. The kit includes all the components necessary to build the driver base board and a whopping 512 3mm diffused blue LEDs to build an 8 x 8 x 8 cube measuring approximately 17cm square. The kit has been deliberately designed to only use through hole components...

  • LED Style Pin Wheel Clock Kit


    Kit of components containing everything you will need (excluding tools and solder) to build your own LED clock. The completed clock is based on that Atmel AT59S52 microcontroller and comes pre-flashed with an example clock application. Thi...

  • Hobby Components 4x4x4 64...


    LED light cubes are a hugely popular and fun project and with this kit you will have all the parts to build your very own. Building on the popular 8x8x8 cube kit (HCKITS0022), we decided to create an easy to build through-hole version for those of you who are better suited to this kind of soldering. The kit includes all the components necessary to build the Arduino compatible driver base...

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  • Student Electronics Starter...


    An excellent and low cost bundle of useful components suitable for a multitude of electronics projects. Great for students or anyone wanting to get started in electronics...

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  • Wheel of Fortune Kit


    A fun little electronics project (HCKITS0027) that demonstrates how two popular off-the-shelf IC's can be used to perform a complex function. When built, pressing the button will cause the 10 LEDs arranged in a circular pattern to flash simulating a rotating wheel. This sequence will slow down and eventually stop at a random position. Th...

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  • IR Receiver Module Wireless...


    - Remote control with 21 buttons
    - Transmission Frequency: 38KHz;
    - Launch Distance: More than 8m (depending on the surrounding environment, sensitivity of receiver etc)

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  • Red Wings Breadboard Kit -...


    1 x 400 point Solderless Breadboard

    High Quality Solderless breadboard, 1 terminal Strip, 2 Distribution Strips.

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  • Hobby Components Target /...


    This prototyping/programming board is designed for use with the Atmel ATMega48P, ATMega168P, & ATmega328P microcontrollers. The board has a number of features including a 24x12 0.1" grid prototyping area specifically laid out to match the pin-out of these devices. Additional pads are also provided for...

  • Hobby Components SmartLCD...


    The SmartLCD Keypad Kit is an optional add-on for the Hobby Components SmartLCD (HCMODU0122). When constructed this add-on board connects to the SmartLCD's keypad header using a single 4 way cable (supplied). Once connected it adds the additional features of keypad control (up, down, left, right, select, and back) and audible output to your end application.