Why we have this policy:


On eBay the feedback system works in a different way to most other websites. On a normal website you may be asked to leave a review for an item you have purchased. This review will normally only effect this item and will be helpful to both the seller and other customers that wish to purchase this item. However, on eBay the feedback system works in a different way. At first sight it may appear that feedback is being left in relation to the item you are reviewing, and indeed eBay advertises it in this way. But eBay uses the negative or neutral feedback left to rank every product the seller has in search lists. This is very damaging to a seller as on eBay a single negative feedback has a disproportionate effect and is akin to leaving bad feedback for every item the seller has on sale.

We will always try very hard to provide a problem free service, but due to the volume of orders we process there will inevitably be, at some point, a problem with an order. We will always try hard to resolve this problem when given an opportunity to do so with minimum inconvenience to the customer. Whilst we respect a customers wish to leave negative or neutral feedback, due to the disproportionate effect of these types of feedbacks on eBay sales we will exercise our legal right to refuse future sales to a customer if we feel that the feedback left is unfair or not relevant to the sale. This can be for one or more reasons which are outlined below.


Why has my eBay account been blocked by Hobby Components?

1) Negative or neutral feedback when left without contacting us first or giving us fair opportunity to resolve the problem.

2) Refusing to accept the original terms and conditions of the sale.

3) Use of the feedback system to obtain goods or services beyond the terms of the original sale (referred to as feedback extortion by eBay).

4) Abusive behaviour or language directed at Hobby Components.

5) Negative or neutral feedback left is for something not related to the item being reviewed.

6) Feedback left is untrue, or misrepresents the product, and provides inaccurate information to future customers. E.g. 'Item is faulty' when item is subsequently found to be in good working order or found to be damaged through misuse.

7) Reason for leaving negative or neutral feedback is related to a problem caused by eBay and not Hobby Components.

8) Reason for leaving negative or neutral feedback is for something that was out of the control of Hobby Components. E.g. slow delivery due to customs delay or other problem with the chosen postal service.


In addition to blocking your eBay account and refusing future sales, we may also report your account to eBay if we feel it infringes the terms and conditions of eBay. If you have been blocked for one of the above reasons this block will remain in place whilst the negative or neutral feedback is held against us.

We hope that the above explains why, in certain cases, when we believe feedback left is unfair, we find it necessary to block an account to protect our future sales on eBay. We also hope that you can consider when leaving negative or neutral feedback that the feedback is proportionate, directly related to the item purchased, was something within our control and that we where given fair opportunity to resolve any problems.


I would like to reconsider my feedback or I am happy with the way Hobby Components resolved my problem, how do I revise my feedback?

We greatly appreciate your decision to reconsider your feedback and your future custom. If we have not already left a response to your feedback then revising it is fairly straightforward. Just contact us via the eBay messaging system or by sending an email to sales@hobbycomponents.com asking us to send you a feedback revision request.