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  • Mini Lithium Battery 5V USB...


    Charging: Linear charge

    Input interface: Mini USB

    Charging current: 1A (Adjustable, requires resistor change)

    Input voltage: DC 4.5V-5.5V...

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  • Solar Panel 5.5v 90mA 0.6W...


    The solar cells are encased and protected by a durable outer poly frame.

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  • Solar Panel 5V 160mA 0.8W...


    Low cost 5V 0.8W/ 160mA solar cell (HCPOWE0005). Encased and protected by a durable outer poly frame. Copper terminals/pads are provided on the reverse side to allow positive and negative wires to be soldered directly onto the cell. 

  • DC-DC USB 0.9v-5v to 5vdc...


    1. PFM control DC/DC boost

    2. Input 0.9-5v dc, output 5v dc

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  • XL60009 DC-DC Step-up Boost...


    This XL6009 DC-DC boost/step-up converter module (HCMODU0091) is based on the XLSemi XL6009 DC-DC converter and is capable of boosting a wide range of input voltages up to a maximum of 45V. It output can supply up to 2.5A out current (dependent on input voltage and operating environment) and has built in thermal limiting protection circuitry...

  • LM2596 DC-DC 3-35V...


    This DC to DC Step-Down Adjustable Power Supply Module is based on the LM2596 switching regulator...

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  • Hobby Components Lithium...


    The Hobby Components micro charger is a tiny single cell (3.7V) lithium battery charger module which not only incorporates both battery charging protection and control, but also includes battery voltage & current over discharge protection and battery overload protection. Measuring only 27 x 14mm this tiny module can easily be incorporated into low power lithium battery applications.

    The charger will accept power from either a 5V microUSB adapter or via a 4.5 to 6V power supply and will charge a connected single cell lithium battery at a rate of ~0.5A.

    The battery can be connected via a JST XH-2.54 connector or by 2 large solder pads (BIN + & BIN -).

    The module's output supplies the batteries nominal output of 3.7V (4.2V whilst charging) at a constant current of up to 2A (depending on battery and charger specification). An external device can be connected to this output via a 0.1” pitch pin header or via 2 large solder terminals (BOUT + & GND).


    Supported battery type:						Single cell Lithium-ion battery
    Module supply voltage:						5V via microUSB or 4.5 to 6V via power in header
    Battery charge voltage max (float):				4.2V
    Battery stand-by exit voltage:					4.05V
    Battery charge current (max):					445mA +/- 10%
    Battery charge termination current:				44.5mA +/- 10%
    Battery over discharge voltage protection:			2.4V
    Battery over discharge current protection:			3.5A +/- 0.9A
    BAT out terminal voltage max (charging):			4.3V
    BAT out terminal voltage min (discharging):		2.9V
    BAT out terminal maximum continuous current:		2A
    Module dimensions:							27 x 14 x 7.5mm

    Battery In And Power Out Connection:


    External Power Options:


    PDF available for download on our support forum here.