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  • Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit...


    Mechanical structure is simple and very easy to construct.

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  • Large Quick Start Bundle:...


    Arduino development boards are a great way to get started in the world of microelectronics but at some point you will inevitably need to connect them up to the outside world.

  • Student Electronics Kit


    This is an impressively low cost bundle of useful prototyping components. The pack consists of a range of discrete components, a breadboard and breadboard jumper cables. The bundle comes with a storage case making it great for students on the move or just as a useful collection of commonly used components. This kit includes the following items

  • LED Style Pin Wheel Clock Kit


    Kit of components containing everything you will need (excluding tools and solder) to build your own LED clock. The completed clock is based on that Atmel AT59S52 microcontroller and comes pre-flashed with an example clock application. Thi...

  • Experimental Kit -...


    PLEASE NOTE: THIS KIT NOW SHIPS WITH OUR UNO+ DEVELOPMENT BOARD. Image will be updated to reflect this at a later date.

    This kit comprises a clear acrylic platform, which is excellent for keeping your Uno and Breadboard in place whilst you work on it. A 400 point breadboard, bundle of 65 jumper cables in assorted sizes and colours and a Hobby Components R3 Uno development board...

  • Anvil AV-A48W Adjustable...


    Low-cost soldering station, which is ideally suited to applications where durability, physical size and budget are the main concerns. The 48W soldering iron is ideal for both traditional and lead-free solder. The temperature is adjustable from 150 to 450 degrees. Included is a soldering iron, tip cleaning sponge and an integral soldering iron holder.

  • Hobby Components USB 8CH...


    Our hugely popular low cost 8 channel analyser (HCTEST0006) is designed to work with he sigrok open-source signal analysis software suite giving this analyser a feature list normally found on analysers costing significantly more....

  • Hobby Components Arduino...


    Our very own version of the popular Arduino Mega development board (HCARDU0092). It hast been designed from the open source revision 3 Arduino Mega reference design and comes pre-flashed with the Arduino bootloader. This board is 100% compatible with all shields and modules compatible with the Arduno...

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  • PCB Project Prototyping kit


    This kits contains a selection of useful components and consumables aimed at allowing you to quickly prototype your new project designs. Included in the kits is a reel of lead free solder, a selection of PCBs, pre-stripped and tinned jumper wires, and a selection of commonly used components.

  • Hobby Components Obstacle...


    This robotic car kit is a complete kit of parts, including electronics, that will allow you to build a working robotic vehicle capable of traversing a flat surface whilst avoiding solid objects. The kit is aimed at both beginners and intermediate users who are looking for a low cost way to experiment with microcontrollers and robotics. Based around Arduino compatible hardware...

  • Butane Gas Powered...


    A convenient gas-powered soldering iron, offering up to 100 minutes of usage once filled and a heat setting reaching a maximum of 400 degrees. This handy iron can be utilised for a wide range of jobs.


    Temperature Range: 210~400C

    Capacity: 12ml (Butane Gas Only)

    Operating Time: up to 100 mins at mid setting

    Dimensions: 145 x 35 x 20mm (14.5 x 3.5 x 2cm)

    Weight: 50g (when gas filled)

  • Electronic and Soldering...


    A great 12 piece electronics tool set constituting a suite of durable accessories, including a 30W soldering iron and digital multimeter. This is ideal for hobbyists, DIYers and workshops.