At Hobby Components, we take claims of lost parcels seriously. 99.9% of items that have not been delivered, are returned to us safely and we are able to then issue a refund, or get to the bottom of the problem and resend the order. However, we do get a number of non-receipt claims which don't arrive back here and which apparently never make it to our customer. As a company, we will always try to be as helpful as possible when you report that an order has not arrived. However, we ask that you wait the maximum time required by the postal service (15 full working days for UK orders, 25 full working days for orders outside the UK). This gives the postal service(s) ample time to make delivery.

We also suggest calling your local postal depot to make sure they haven't tried to deliver the item. Although they are supposed to leave a calling card, they often don't.

Any items returned to us with reasons given such as Addressee Not Known, Address Incomplete, Not Called For etc., will be classed as unwanted. The product amount will be refunded to you. We are unable to claim back postage costs if you don't collect your item or you have given us an incorrect address, and so this isn't something we can refund.

If there is an error in our system and your order is sent to an incorrect address, we will of course cover the cost of postage.

In order to make a claim through Royal Mail;, the customer is requested to fill in a P91 claim form (legal requirement of the claim). This is your statement of non-receipt and is needed in order for the claim to be processed. Failure to fill in the claim form will cause significant delays.

Please be aware that all false claims are reported to the postal service in the UK and in your country (if you reside outside the UK), and to Action Fraud. This is in an effort to keep online shopping as safe as possible for all buyers and sellers.

If you have read all of the above information and would still like to progress forward, please complete the claim form below.