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  • TCRT5000L Reflective...


    The TCRT5000L is a reflective sensor which includes an infrared emitter and photo transistor in a leaded package. The sensor package blocks visible light and is sensitive to the IR light emitted by the IR led emitter. The package includes two mounting clips and is the long lead version. Ideal for distance sensing of nearby objects, line detection etc.

  • PT333B 5mm Infrared Photo...


    The PT333 series (HCOPTO0063) consists of a NPN silicon photo transistor encapsulated in a dark blue/black plastic package. Its dark blue package is designed to cut out visible light and so it suitable for the detection of infrared applications at wavelengths around 860nm. They can be used in combination with our 5mm infrared LED's for communication IR distance sensing.

  • 1838B Infrared IR receiver


    The 1838B is a miniaturised infrared receiver for remote control and other applications requiring improved ambient light rejection. The separate PIN diode and pre-amplifier IC are assembled on a single leadframe. The epoxy package contains a special IR filter. This module has excellent performance even in disturbed ambient light applications and provides protection against uncontrolled..

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  • 10mm Diffused White LED


    10mm diffused white LEDs.

    Max. Forward Voltage: 3.0V – 3.2V
    Max. Reverse Voltage: 5V
    Max. Reverse Current: 50mA
    Package Type: Through-Hole
    Max. Forward Current: 20mA

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  • PCB Project Prototyping kit


    This kits contains a selection of useful components and consumables aimed at allowing you to quickly prototype your new project designs. Included in the kits is a reel of lead free solder, a selection of PCBs, pre-stripped and tinned jumper wires, and a selection of commonly used components.