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  • Capacitive Touch LED Toggle...


    A small illuminated capacitive toggle switch. This touch sensitive switch will toggle between its on and off state each time its front panel is touched (note that the switch can be modified to operate as a momentary switch - see note below). When in the on state the switch will illuminate via an LED backlight changing the switch from the opaque white to one of 4 colours (red, yellow, green or...

  • PCB Project Prototyping kit


    This kits contains a selection of useful components and consumables aimed at allowing you to quickly prototype your new project designs. Included in the kits is a reel of lead free solder, a selection of PCBs, pre-stripped and tinned jumper wires, and a selection of commonly used components.

  • 0603 LED Bundle (100)


    Bundle of 0603 SMD LEDs containing 20 each of the following colours:

    Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue.