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  • N20 Motor with Metal Gear...


    This N20 motor is has a 6V supply voltage and comes complete with a built-in metal gear box. The output shaft has a rotational speed of 60 RPM (no load), and a load RPM of 48. These are also the same motors we use in our Maze Runner robot car (HCROBO0052) and have a nice high build quality feel to them. Specifications can be seen below.

  • MG90S Metal Gear Servo


    MG90S is a metal geared version of the extremely popular MG90 9g servo. The servo has a universal “S” type connector, which fits most receivers/development boards etc. Weighing in at only 13.4g with dimensions of only 22.8 x 12.2 x 28.5 this servo is of a very small form factor, but it can pack a punch.

  • 40mm Propeller for 130 motor


    These propellers measure 4cm (40mm). The fixed aperture in the centre measures approximately 1.9mm.

    Diameter: 40mm
    Rotating Circular Diameter: 40mm
    Fixed Aperture: 1.9mm

  • 7 - 12V Electromechanical lock


    This item is an electrically operated fail secure latch type lock. It uses a solenoid (electromagnetic) design to electro-mechanically pull the bolt inwards (unlocked position) when power is supplied to the lock. A compression spring will return the bolt to the locked position when power is removed.