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  • ESP-07 ESP8266 Serial Wifi...


    This amazingly priced wireless module allows any microcontroller to connect to a 802.11b/g/n wireless network. This in turn provides your microcontroller project with the ability to request data from a server anywhere in the world via a suitable WiFI connection. Control of the module couldn't be simpler as it comes pre-flashed with a serial application allowing it to be controlled...

  • 4 Channel 433MHz wireless...


    This item is a wireless 4 channel remote controlled module with a battery operated transmitter fob. The fob has 4 individual buttons which, when pressed, will trigger one of the 4 digital output pins on the receiver module. When no buttons are pressed all 4 digital pins will remain low (0V). When one of the transmitter buttons is pressed the appropriate output pin on the receiver...

  • SmartRFy USB Module


    The SmartRFy USB module adds the ability to monitor and control a SmartRFy network directly from a computer. Connection to the computer is simply a case of connecting the module to the computers USB port via a micro USB cable (not supplied). Once connected the USB module will appear as a standard serial communication port which can then be used to send and receive text based SmartRFy commands to any remote SmartRFy module. By appearing as a standard serial port many types of third party software can be used with the USB module - from serial terminal programs to dedicated automation software such as Node-RED. This opens up the potential for far more advanced control and automation of SmartRFy modules.