16 x 2 Character Trans-Reflective Parallel LCD Module (Yellow Backlight)


LCD display module with yellow backlight.

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A 16 x 2 line alphanumeric character display. This LCD features a parallel interface supporting both 4 bit and 8 bit modes, a yellow LED back-light, and a black trans-reflective font. This means LCD text is visible in direct sunlight and with the back light off.

LCD display module with yellow backlight.

Wide viewing angle and high contrast.

Can display 2-lines * 16-characters.

Small and light appearance, easy and convenient to use.



LCM type: Characters

Character type: 16 * 2

Screen size: 7.1 * 2.4cm

Character size: 3.55 * 5.95 mm

Driving voltage: 5V DC

Backlight: Yellow

Working temperature: 0 - 50°C


Sample Arduino code is available on our support forum.

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